mercoledì 4 novembre 2009

Frank proposed to Martine yesterday evening :)

I don't like publishing things about the private life of the Schleck brothers,but this time there is an important news about Frank.In fact yesterday he proposed to his girlfriend Martine and now they're going to get married :)
I'm truly happy for Frank and Martine and I wish them all the best for the future! Felicitations!!
Here you can find the translation of the article that Ilaria published on her blog (original link:
Frank Schleck asked his girlfriend Martine to marry him yesterday evening in Curaçao.During a fireworks display that the Lions Dive & Beach Resort Hotel offered the riders,the elder of the Schleck brothers had the spontaneous idea of proposing.On the edge of the pool under the colorful sky,Frank asked his girlfriend whether she wanted to marry him.Martine immediately answered "yes".Later there was a small party with champagne celebration.Also the Tour winner Alberto Contador raised the glass to the next Luxembourg couple.

Once again,best wishes for the future to Frank and Martine!
(Pic by Serge Waldbillig)

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  1. Oh, love this kind of spontaneous ideas:) !

  2. Ahah,the same worths for me! ;) After all,who doesn't love this kind of ideas? :)